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Co-Founder and CEO

Josh Schachnow

Josh Schachnow, B.Com., J.D. (Western), is a Toronto-based lawyer who specializes in immigration law. He started his own practice in 2017 and since then, he’s helped 50+ companies with immigration/LMIA matters, and hundreds of individuals with work permits, permanent residence, study permits and more.

Due to his passion for entrepreneurship and tech, he co-founded Visto – which helps immigration professionals save time and grow their own immigration businesses thanks to their innovative software and tools.

Josh has plenty of practical experience with all areas of digital marketing, sales (having sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in immigration services), automation and more. He believes the key to success in this business is always putting your clients first, and that quality work, fair prices and quick and thoughtful communication are key!


    Co-Founder and CTO

    Alex Ghattas

    Alex is a full-stack web developer who enjoys working on creating awesome and interesting experiences that make the world a better place. As a childhood friend of Josh, the two connected over the potential that Visto had, and Alex has played a crucial role in building out the technology and functionality behind Visto.

    He also has experience with SEO and UX design, and hopes to continue to help make the immigration journey as smooth as possible leveraging technology like never before.


      Co-Founder and CMO

      Richard Berman

      Richard has a long history and passion for marketing, with over 22 years in technology marketing in New York and San Francisco, as a former employment columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and extensive experience advising venture-backed startups and scale-ups.

      But when Richard, a US citizen, was sponsored for Canadian permanent residence by his wife in 2018, he truly got a taste of the confusion and stress that comes with the immigration process. He knew there had to be a better solution, and was connected to Josh by a mutual friend in the legal tech space and the two have been working on Visto ever since!

        marc pavlopoulos

        Strategic Advisor

        Marc Povlopoulos

        Marc spent his first 20 years in sales and business development roles building VC-backed startups in Silicon Valley and Toronto, as well as a year in venture capital. In 2014, he founded Syndesus to build engineering teams in Canada for VC-backed startups in the US.

        In 2019, he founded Path to Canada to help tech workers in the US find jobs in Canada and started working closer with Josh, as many Visto users are in the US looking for better immigration options in Canada.

        Marc also became an investor and strategic partner with Visto as a part of his mission to do everything he can to help those who have left their home country for a better life in North America. As an American who moved to Canada twice (for grad school and for work), he understands the challenges involved in starting a new life in a new country.


          Strategic Advisor

          Vinay Chaudhry

          Vinay is the founder and CEO of Worldwide EduConnect, a marketing and recruitment services company that supports twelve Canadian public institutions in South Asia and the Middle East. Recently, Vinay founded another company based in Canada, and came to know Josh through the Toronto tech startup network. Considering the strong overlap in their goals of helping immigrants settle in Canada, it was natural that they made a strong connection!

          Vinay’s company, Maple Assist Inc., develops mobile applications for student recruitment, engagement and support. In addition, Vinay leads an international student housing company, StuHomz, which provides accommodation to international students in London, Ontario.


            Strategic Advisor

            Zaki Mahomed

            Zaki is CEO at Growth Foundry, a product studio in San Francisco that helps fast-growing SaaS startups nail, scale, and automate their go to market strategy in order to grow faster and more profitably. Prior to this he was a Product executive at Influitive, marketing technology SaaS startup in Toronto and founded a sports games studio in Singapore.

            Hailing from Pakistan, and having experienced the immigration systems up close in multiple countries, he grew interested in the talent arbitrage opportunities enabled by immigration tech. He helps the team at Visto with product and growth, along with general company building guidance.


              Strategic Advisor

              Sharad Srivastava

              Sharad is a highly skilled business leader with over 20 years of international experience in business process consulting, business analysis, product development & specialized staffing. Sharad was assisted by Josh in setting up his company’s operations in Canada, and the two became good friends and have been working together ever since.

              In his current role as the director of Pinaki (with offices in India, Singapore, the USA and Canada), he is responsible for managing global operations, including managing more than 200 employees. In this role he partners with senior business leaders in technology & HR to ensure Pinaki fulfills its client requirements & commitments, helping build blockchain product development and deployment strategies for technology companies.