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Weekly 1-hour group video sessions on the most important topics to grow your business and get your questions answered week-to-week

A 5 person group (max), so you get the direct attention and feedback you need but also have a small group of immigration professionals to grow with​

Weekly resources based on the topic that week and a private community of immigration professionals to connect with, get support from and hold you accountable​

There's never been a better time to grow your Canadian immigration practice:

Million immigrants in the next 3 years
International students approved in 2019
Active RCIC's... and counting!

Growing A Business By Yourself Is Hard​

Visto Grow will help you grow your Canadian immigration firm quicker than if you were doing it alone!

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Visto Grow is a 6-week program that will cover the most important aspects of growing your immigration practice. Each week, we'll do a deep-dive on a specific topic:

Week 1: Mindset and Niche

To get you started on the right track, we focus on 2 core principles to growing any business. The first is mindset, an often over-looked area by entrepreneurs of all kinds, and picking a niche to test out.

Having the proper mindset will make everything else that much easier, and researching/testing a few niches will help you narrow down the focus of your business so you don't feel like you're doing a million things at once!

Week 2: Sales and Pricing

So many people rush to start selling, but have no plan or strategy in mind for how they're going to do it, what they're going to say in meetings or calls, and how to price their services.

We'll do a deep-dive into sales strategies so you are confident talking to prospective clients, and pricing models to make it easy to close more deals!

Week 3: Website and Material

Now that you're ready to sell, it's important that you have the right assets in place to add an extra level of professionalism. These days, everyone checks a website or LinkedIn profile before buying, but not everyone sets them up right.

We'll go over things you can do to build a great website from scratch, or improve the one you already have to convert more visitors into clients.

Week 4: Digital Marketing

It's never been easier to market your services online - but that's also why it's so hard. With so much content and competition out there, it's hard to stand out from the crowd.

Learn the keys to great digital marketing strategies - across platforms like LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - to grow a following and get more paying clients.

Week 5: Client Management

The best (and easiest) way to get clients in the immigration industry is through referrals, so it's crucial that you provide an incredible service and experience.

We'll go over how to separate yourself from other immigration professionals so clients love working with you and send you everyone they know in the future!

Week 6: Outsourcing and Automation

As you grow your immigration firm, you're going to need to get more done while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

In the last lesson, we'll go over how to outsource work to others (either through employees or contractors), automation/tech tools that can save you time and how to have a good work-life balance!

Course Creator

Josh Schachnow, B.Com., J.D. (Western), is a Toronto-based lawyer who specializes in immigration law. He started his own practice in 2017, took it to 5-figures-per-month in just 13 months, and worked with 50+ companies with immigration/LMIA matters, and hundreds of individuals with work permits, permanent residence, study permits and more.

Due to his interest in business, he also co-founded Visto help other immigration professionals grow their businesses, and has interviewed over 90 other entrepreneurs on his own business podcast.

Josh has plenty of practical experience with all areas of digital marketing, sales (having sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in immigration services), automation and more. He believes the key to success in this industry is always putting your clients first, and that quality work, fair prices and quick and thoughtful communication are key!

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